Boating Accidents

boating-accident Boating Accidents

Boating Accidents Lawyer

Boating Accidents can cause serious injuries.  Accidents occur daily with recreational boats.  The Los Angeles Maritime Injury Lawyer represents people who have personal injuries from boat accidents.  Maritime accidents can happen on yachts, recreational boats, sailboats, and sea-doos.  Often, an inexperienced captain crashes a boat into another boat or dock.  An accident also happens when a captain tries to navigate in shallow waters.  Regardless, you deserve compensation for your maritime injuries caused by the negligence on a boat.

The Los Angeles Maritime Injury Lawyer covers boating accidents at Catalina Island, Marina Del Rey, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Malibu, Huntington Beach, and other oceanside cities in the Los Angeles area.  You need an experienced boat accident lawyer to represent you for your maritime personal injury.  Look no further for your maritime injury lawyer.  Call us now at (213) 255-8837 so we can advise you of your rights.